Stand out in SM Kids’ Fashion Denim

June 28, 2014

Denim has all been the rage lately in various designer collections for both men and women. Ever attuned to the latest trends not just in advertising but also in fashion, Aspac Advertising recently launched a denim campaign for SM Kids’ Fashion.

With Stand Out as a handle, the campaign challenges the old misconception that all denim is the same. Inspired by the more style-forward movements in men’s and women’s fashion, the Stand Out Campaign shows how kids can also play with denim by going beyond the casual blue jeans uniform. SM Kids’ Fashion has always been known for its wide selection of products and home-grown brands – and this new campaign highlights the versatility of denim as a style staple.

To add impact, Stand Out features TV drama princess Andrea Brillantes and the members of Gimme 5 boyband – Joaquin Reyes, John Bermundo, Grae Fernandez, and Brace Arquiza. Aside from appearing in in-store, outdoor, and digital campaign materials, they will also have a series of mall fashion shows from July to September.